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Oumy is building AI tools that will help us create more successful companies.

Startups run on great ideas and executing ahead of the competition. Staying up-to-date requires extensive research and reading time that teams don’t have.

We believe that artificial intelligence will play an ever increasing role advising teams what is important in their industry, what to watch out for, invest in, and where new opportunities lie.

Since humans can't keep up with the massive amount of knowledge that is generated everyday, we will be forced to rely on machines to comb through it. Algorithms will “match and score” the things that are relevant to the business.

Imagine having a team of virtual researchers that is dedicated to your business.

Our AI platform creates daily research bulletins that summarize the most important news and events specific to your business. Our automated research algorithms are programmed to understand your mission, strategies, and tactics. And they never sleep or complain.